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OCR Software


To read Chinese text from printed materials (books, magazines, newspapers, street signs, etc.), an image capturing device (scanner, camera, etc.) is used to capture the text image. After that, an OCR program is used to recognize the image into the actual text (codes).


OCR (Optical Character Recognition) is the mechanism for transforming text image into text codes. OCR software takes input from image files or image capturing devices and produces text codes for displaying, storing or further processing. Chinese OCR software is able to read a mix of Chinese characters and alphanumeric characters. They can recognize text from both simplified and traditional Chinese character sets, but they all designed in a way that they can only recognize text from one set at a time. They also require users to specify the character set.

With the current Chinese OCR technology, the recognition rate for printed characters can reach over 95%, and they can recognize text written in various common-used typefaces. For hand-writing Chinese, the recognition rate is much lower. The majority of Chinese OCR software is designed for use by Chinese-language users and marketing in Eastern Asian only. For our Chinese reading purposes, we need a Chinese OCR program with English UI (User Interface) and easy to buy globally.

  Chinese OCR programs:


    MaxReader 5 (a.k.a. DanChing 5) from NewSoft

    ReadIris 11 (Asian Edition) from IRIS

    PenPower OCR Pro from PenPower


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