Read Chinese Without Knowing Chinese
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It takes Chinese children 3 - 6 years to learn to read Chinese. You can match them in the time it takes you to read this book
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  ISBN: 978-0-9816933-0-9

  LCCN: 2008906338


  Author: George Kung

  Size: 7" by 10" Paperback

  Pages: 282

  Illustrations: 150 (40 in color)

  Price: US $44.95

This book describes computer-aided Chinese reading—reading and understanding Chinese text by using translation and/or character recognition software. With the advance in technology, using proper tools and having the know-how, you can start reading Chinese without knowing or learning the language. Let this book show you how.

Using the techniques described, you can read not only from electronic media (websites and email), but also from printed materials (books and newspapers). You can even read text from posters and street signs.

It sounds hard to believe, yet it is true. With the help of recognition and translation software and a few other tools, you can start reading Chinese in just a few days. This book provides detailed, step-by-step instructions that anyone can follow. It contains real-life examples demonstrating how to read magazines, newspapers, and more.

There are two Chinese character sets: simplified and traditional. Most native Chinese can only read text from one of them. The methods you learn here will work for both.

You have always wanted to explore that old country and civilization, but the language barrier was holding you back. When putting these technologies to work, you will now have a whole new dimension of the world opened up to you.


About Chinese and computer-aided reading:

  • Process   View the flow diagram of computer-aided reading process.

  • FAQ   Frequently asked questions.

  • Tools   Information about tools that are used in the computer-aided reading process.

    • Translator   Translator and Dictionary software

    • OCR    Optical Character Recognition software

    • Image Editor   Image Editor Software

    • Pen Scanner   Integrated Scanner/OCR/Translation Tool


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