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A must for those who lack time, but need to understand,

"Chinese is one of the most difficult languages to grasp to outsiders in the world. Read Chinese Without Knowing Chinese: A Complete Guide to Computer-Aided Chinese Reading is what anyone who needs to understand the Chinese language and doesn't have the time to learn its complex rules needs. Granting tips on comprehending Chinese internet sites, Chinese newspapers and books, and even Chinese street signs and billboards, it's an ideal purchase if one will soon find themselves immersed in Chinese culture. Read Chinese Without Knowing Chinese is informed and educational, a must for those who lack time, but need to understand."

- Midwest Book Review

"This is a revolutionary process for reading and learning Chinese."

- Meiping Yao, Senior Teacher, Lexington Chinese School

"I knew nothing about Chinese machine translation when I started on the book. George's exposition is so clear that now I could easily run a workshop on the subject. If you need to understand Chinese text, you can't do better than to rely on this book."

- Dr Bob Rich

"This book covers a lot of technical detail but also has so much fun stuff about the Chinese language. I truly enjoyed reading it."

- Nancy Adler

"This is an excellent book about learning Chinese reading with the help of technology. In addition to using computer programs, it gives insight into the Chinese language as a whole. The explanations are very clear and into details, and the real-life examples are very practical."

- May

"This is the first and best book of a new era - helping people who are not yet good in Chinese to read Chinese.

People who have limited proficiency in Chinese can understand Chinese with the help of software like Chinese OCR and Chinese-English translation suites. The author outlines the approach, provides with detail description and instructions for each components in the flow, and completes with abundant real-life examples. The witty topics on Chinese language equip the readers with common sense on the Chinese texts they are handling; it also builds their capacity on the interpretation and the refining of the processed texts.

The author's broad knowledge in the area and the unprecedented tests and evaluations he had performed on numerous Chinese language related tools, has made this book a great reference."

- A. Woods

"My knowledge of the Chinese language is virtually zero (took a lesson before but gave up after just a few weeks.) After reading (half of) the book, I installed the Google toolbar and Lingo's program (recommended in the book) and used them to read translated articles from the web, and I was able to easily read most of the contents. These programs even translate the texts on the buttons (sometimes) so I know what to press!

This book really presents a new way to read and understand foreign text. I think it is a little known method (never heard of such thing - but maybe it's just me) and it truly deserves more attention. I wish I knew about this earlier while I was still learning the Chinese. Even now I am considering picking up Chinese again, since there are there many tools which make it much easier."

- J. Preftakes

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