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Translator / Dictionary Software

Translator / dictionary software is the main tool for translating Chinese text into English. The Translator software is for translating a whole paragraph of text. The dictionary software gives a list of definitions of single words.

Figure 1 shows a screen the SYSTRAN Toolbar program doing a side-by-side translation of a Chinese web page. SYSTRAN Toolbar can be installed into a web browser (e.g., the Internet Explorer.) When browsing a web page written in Chinese, clicking a button on the Toolbar gives you the translated web page placed next to the original window. In this example, not only the main contents of the page are translated, the top menu of the page also gets translated into English by the SYSTRAN Toolbar.

Figure 1. SYSTRAN Toolbar integrated in the Internet Explorer doing a side-by-side translation


Figure 2 shows the screen when Lingoes program is used to look up for the Chinese word “建築師”. A word lookup can be initiated by hovering the mouse cursor over a word. The explanations of the word are shown in a pop-up window.


Figure 2. Lingoes is giving the definitions of a term in a Chinese web page


Other than translating paragraphs and words, translator and dictionary software can be very useful in language learning. In addition to definitions, some dictionaries may include the Pinyin pronunciation of words or other useful information. There are also software that can pronounce words through the speaker.


Figure 3. Dictionary and Translation software using for language learning


 Translator Software:


   Babel Fish Translator from Yahoo!

   Google Translator from Google

   WorldLingo Translator from WorldLingo Translations LLC

   SYSTRAN Translator from SYSTRAN Software, Inc

   LEC Translator from Language Engineering Company


 Dictionary Software:


   Babylon 7 from Babylon

   Lingoes 2 from Lingoes


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